Ripples in water

LGD 147: The Golden Rule

You may never know what helping one person could do for them, do for you, and do for the world.

Waves breaking over rocks

LGD 146: Take Courage

Do you find the holidays to be overwhelming? Have you found this year to be overwhelming?

Two sets of footprints

LGD 145: Walk Humbly With God

Do you ever feel like doing good is hard work? Hard work requires discipline, courage, and creativity at times. Some days, I wish I could phone it in.

Picnick table outside

LGD 142: Thanksgiving

Traditionally, we would gather around a dining table with lots of friends and family and celebrate Thanksgiving. This year – it’s different.

Man standing on hill at sunrise with hands out to the side

LGD 141: God’s Golden Hour

We continue in our Thanksgiving week series as we saw the creativity and majesty of the Lord’s creation.

Evening sky with trees and landscape in the foreground

LGD 140: God Made The Heavens

God’s attributes are on display in our passage today. He made the heavens, and He created the Earth and placed it in the solar system.

Group photo of friends with an aged look, laughing

LGD 139: God Is Good

This week is Thanksgiving week in the United States, and for most of us, it is a bittersweet year. COVID has upended our lives, and the restrictions seem unfair.

book and a picture

LGD 138: Lineage

Yesterday, Boaz redeemed Ruth, and their courtship became complete with a wedding.

guy and gal holding hands

LGD 136: Family Redeemer

Yesterday, we saw how Boaz kept Ruth safe in his fields and how God protects and cares for us.

Harvest fields

LGD 135: You Are Safe Here

Yesterday, we started a new series in the book of Ruth. We saw the journey to Bethlehem and the struggle the family endured.

road with vw bus

LGD 134: The Journey

Today, we kick off a new devotional series in the book of Ruth. Ruth sits between the book of Judges and 1 Samuel.

bicycle riders racing over cobblestones - black and white

LGD 133: Life’s Amazing Race

Life is one of the best novels we will read, write, and participate in. Over our lives, we experience highs and lows that are unique to us.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with a sentry watching over the tomb

LGD 131: Sacrifice

Today we honor the sacrifice of the men and women who have died for our freedom.

Bible open flat on a table

LGD 130: God’s Promises

God’s promises meet us at our most desperate times and in the moments of greatest joy.

A cross with a sunset in the background

LGD 129: Our Hope Lies With Jesus

As I was preparing for this post, the word that came to mind was hope. We have hope in a future that we cannot see. Hope for our churches, our relationship, and our nation.

Man holding a globe in one hand

LGD 128: What’s Your Soul Worth?

Our souls are precious, and Jesus died on the cross for each one of us. If we were not precious to Him, He wouldn’t have sacrificed for us.

Ballet dance on pointe (black and white)

LGD 127: Strength and Peace

Grace, elegance, strength, and discipline – these are the qualities that define a fantastic dancer.