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June 2020: Marriage and Parenting

Marriage and parenting have evolved over time, and the scriptures are clear on how we should act in both marriage and parenting.

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May 2020: Re-Opening Churches in Post COVID-19 Times

There is much debate about how and when churches should re-open. ABF was in the process of re-opening, and the discussion of where folks were in the process was the special topic for this month.

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April 2020: Singleness

Modern day singleness invites a discussion on whether or not there is a gift of singleness, and potential stigma’s associated with it.

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March 2020: Fitness and Life’s Race

Fitness includes our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Running the race of life guides us in our decision. As we look back over our life, we hope we have more triumphs than regrets.

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February 2020: Balancing Life and Priorities

Psalm 23 brings comfort to many people, especially during tough seasons of life. Each of us have to balance life and priorities. Scripture guides us in learning to balance our life and priorities.

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January 2020: Choosing A Theme For Your Year

2020 begins a new decade, and crafting a theme for your year helps guide you. The book of Nehemiah shows us the importance staying focused and doing good work.