LGD 063: Teach Me Your Ways

Child reading the Bible at sunset leaning against a tree



As children, we were taught to follow the rules. Once we grew older, we learned to experiment and test the boundaries created for us.

Child reading the Bible at sunset leaning against a tree
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As believers, the Bible is our guidepost and GPS to help us navigate this world. Our lives were meant to be lived to the fullest in alignment with God’s values.

Today, we see the psalmist asking God for wisdom and guidance. He says,

“Teach me, LORD, the way of your decrees, that I may follow it to the end.”

Psalms 119:33

When the Lord asked King Solomon what he desired most, Solomon asked for wisdom so he could govern the land well. The Lord granted his request and gave him all the riches of the land.

We can come before God and ask for wisdom as well. Just as the author said, “teach me”, we can ask God to show us daily how we can follow his laws.

Furthermore, the psalmist says,

“Give me understanding, so that I may keep your law and obey it with all my heart.”

Psalms 119:34

Not only do we ask for God to teach us, but we need the capacity and understanding to apply what God is teaching us.

This is why pastors teach scripture, but also provide and application of the text. We can read scripture and explore the deep well of its meaning, but we must also act upon what we have been taught.

If we did not act upon what we learn in life, there would be no need for teachers. Teachers provide insight and understanding of a subject in order to guide their students to an application.

Lastly, the psalmist says,

“Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight.”

Psalms 119:35

God gave the Ten Commandments to His children and expected them to follow it. As we listen to the Holy Spirit, we find delight in acting upon His direction.

The Lord teaches us through His scripture and the guidance of His shepherds. We gain understanding by exploring the scriptures and applying them.

We gain delight when we act in obedience to His call on our lives.

Today, take a few minutes to dive into His Word and ask God to teach you what He wants you to know to meet the needs of today. Take delight in His Word.

Prayer: Lord, thanks for the blessing of Your Word, which teaches us new and exciting things every time we open it. Help us to grow in wisdom as we study Your Word. Guide me in your ways, so I can live out my calling. Amen!

I am the host of an ABF Lifegroup - a collection of folks doing community and life together. We are a ministry of Agoura Bible Fellowship. When I am not leading this group, I love to travel, take photographs, share stories, and design workspaces that matter.

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  1. Proverbs 8 is a beautiful exposition of wisdom. We are called with the minds the Lord gave us to actively seek and grow and He will honor that. While with it comes some heartache (Eccl 1:18) greater is our call to pursue and perservere. Amen!

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