LGD 072: Chasing Wisdom

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How much do you know? Can you quantify it? We have all been around people who think they know everything. King Solomon, in the Old Testament scriptures, ask for wisdom versus money and fame.

Woman staring out the window - black and white
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During King Solomon’s lifetime, he amassed great riches, but also possessed great wisdom. When he became king, the Lord asked him what he desired.

God would grant him whatever he asked for – he chose wisdom. In addition to great wisdom, he also was given great wealth.

Eventually, his great wealth would turn him away from God, but in the beginning, he followed the Lord as his father David did.

Solomon writes how everything is meaningless. Perhaps that is a topic for a different devotional, but he outlines in the first chapter of Ecclesiastes how different pursuits are meaningless.

Even though Solomon is the wisest man to live, he still felt that wisdom was meaningless.

In the second half of chapter one, he shares his great devotion to studying and exploring wisdom. He studied and studied, and felt like he was chasing the wind.

Solomon writes,

“With much wisdom comes much disappointment. The person who gains more knowledge also gains more sorrow.”

Ecclesiastes 1:18

If the wisest man to ever rule Israel felt like he was chasing the wind, what hope do we have?

We have hope in Christ. God grants us wisdom and understanding of the scriptures as well as situations.

A few years back, I came across a documentary titled Code Black. It followed four residents who were working at L.A. County USC Medical Center as they transitioned from the old hospital to the new hospital.

The wisdom and understanding of the medical system the residents gained helped them better support their patients. Somewhere along the way, they realized their jobs became less about helping and healing people, and more about paperwork.

So, they did something about it.

They brought medicine back to the poorest of the poor by engaging with them. The paperwork could wait while they brought hope to hurting people.

Knowledge without application is just knowledge. Wisdom guides us to discern the best course of action to help others.

As believers, we have the opportunity to share what God can do in people’s lives. He guides us with wisdom and discernment.

Today, may God give you an extra amount of wisdom for the situations and decisions you will make.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for instilling wisdom in each one of us. Guide us to make the right decisions throughout the day. Thank you for the examples of faith that we can follow throughout scripture. Grant us a wonderful day. Amen!


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