LGD 074: A Time For Everything (Part 1)

Dirt road leading into a country cemetery with crop fields behind it



Today, we kick off a week-long series titled A Time For Everything. We will dig into the first part of Ecclesiastes 3.

Life is full of change, and we find ourselves amid a massive global pandemic that is changing the way we do life. As the author of Ecclesiastes points out, there is a time or a season for everything.

Dirt road leading into a country cemetery with crop fields behind it
Photo by Dave Anthold (2012) – Stephenson County, IL

For some of you, that is not what you want to hear. You are tired or even exhausted of the lockdown and quarantine and you are ready to move on. I think most of us find ourselves at this point.

King Solomon, the author of this book, says,

“There is a right time for everything. Everything on earth has its special season.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1

As I was reading this, I was struck by two things:

  1. Right Time – this word phrase implies that each moment in time has a specific purpose and specific timing for when it occurs in our lives.
  2. Special Season – Just as each season comes along once per year, each season is still unique to that year. Our springtime this year was not the same as last year. It is constantly changing, and we view it differently because of where we are in our lives.

We want all our moments in life to be amazing, and without hardships, but that is not always the case as we will see.

Solomon continues,

“There is a time to be born and a time to die. There is a time to plant and a time to pull up plants.”

Ecclesiastes 3:2

Farmers understand seasons better than any of us. They have to prepare the ground, plant, water, and harvest in a specific time or they cannot prepare for the next season.

In college, as part of my major, I visited a cemetery and spent time among the headstones. It was because of this experience that I found a deep love for cemeteries, and the stories they hold.

In 2012, I started the Cradle to the Grave Project, where I photograph and document cemeteries across the nation and globe. Each of our lives has a story to share, and our lives are not defined by the beginning or the end date on our headstones, but rather what occupies the space in between.

What have you done with the space that occupies your beginning and your end?

King Solomon continues,

“There is a time to kill and a time to heal. There is a time to destroy and a time to build.”

Ecclesiastes 3:3

Our world is ravished by war and events that leave us breathless. Just a couple of weeks ago, Beirut had an explosion wreck their city. As we heard from missionaries close to the epicenter, we saw how God protected them, and how the people are more open to hearing about spiritual things.

Arlington National Cemetery - rows of headstones with the Washington Monument in the distance
Photo by Dave Anthold (2011) – Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia

We have a national cemetery dedicated to those who have given their lives for our freedom. As seen in the Old Testament, the city of Jerusalem was destroyed many times and was rebuilt a couple of times.

God is at work in the seasons of our lives, even when we may not see it or feel it. He is the only one who has the power to heal us and restore us.

So, I ask you what are you doing with the dash that will occupy your headstone?

As I was working on the Cradle to the Grave Project, I came across this quote from Helen Keller.

“Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there’s a difference for me, you know. Because in that room I shall be able to see.”

Helen Keller

Helen Keller overcame significant obstacles and changed the lives of many people, but her sight was never restored until she left this world.

God uses each of us in different seasons throughout time to help someone along their faith journey. You are special and God is working in you during this difficult season.

Embrace this season, it won’t be forever.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for the season of the year that marks the passing of time. We ask you to guide us today and to use us to shape someone’s faith journey. Give us the strength to see the good amid our struggles. Help us to make the most of the time between our beginning and end. Thank you for walking with me during this tough season. Amen!

I am the host of an ABF Lifegroup - a collection of folks doing community and life together. We are a ministry of Agoura Bible Fellowship. When I am not leading this group, I love to travel, take photographs, share stories, and design workspaces that matter.

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