LGD 091: God Sustains You

girl pondering her thoughts

Author’s Note: If you are looking for the podcast of today’s reading it will be posted later this week. I hit the wall the day of this writing and was completely exhausted. That’s why today’s message is so powerful.

It was warm summer day during our summer mission trip to Pskov, Russia in 2011 when I met Lisa. She was one of the interpreters assigned to our team during the week.

girl pondering her thoughts
Photo by Dave Anthold (2011) – Pskov, Russia

Many of our interpreters during that trip were unbelievers, and we had a chance to spend time with them over the course of activities.

Her attitude and fun demeanor were infectious. Over the course of the week, I had a chance to get to know her while we were in the Jolly Jump helping the kids slide down safely.

During one of our turns in the Jolly Jump, I snapped today’s picture. Her gaze invites you to ask a “rubel for your thoughts” or what may be troubling you?

Today’s scripture comforts our weary souls when we need it most. The psalmist says,

“Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.'”

Psalms 55:22

We are deep into the year, and no one could have predicted we would still be various forms of lockdown, virtual school, stressful work situations, and moments of overwhelm except for the Lord.

He saw it all coming, and He has not left us.

For me, personally, I am overwhelmed by my work situation. I am riding the redline and working to keep the many plates spinning during this difficult time.

This scripture is music to my weary soul. The Lord invites us to stop, breathe, rest awhile and cast our cares and burdens on Him.

If you are at your breaking point, take a few minutes today to stop, breathe, and rest awhile. Allow the spirit of the Lord to wash over your weary heart. Allow Him to guide you during this season of difficulty.

He loves and cares for you. He invites us to pull up a chair or sit in the meadow with Him. When its time to get along with our day, leave your burdens with Him.

I know this is easier said than done, but I will be working throughout the day to leave my burdens with Him.

He calls to us and says rest awhile, and leave your cares and worries with me. This is great advice for our weary hearts.

Prayer: Lord, thanks for the promise to cast our burdens and worries on You. Help us to leave them at your feet, and sustain us throughout today and this week. Thank you for loving and caring for us. Amen!

I am the host of an ABF Lifegroup - a collection of folks doing community and life together. We are a ministry of Agoura Bible Fellowship. When I am not leading this group, I love to travel, take photographs, share stories, and design workspaces that matter.

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