LGD 108: Welcome Home

A new home in Mexico with the family in front of it

We have arrived – Day Four – the finale. It’s house dedication day. What an adventure we have been on for the last several days. Today, we welcome the Velazquez-Ramirez Family home.

A new home in Mexico with the family in front of it
Photo by YUGO Ministries (2020) – Ensenada, Mexico

Today’s picture is the new home of the Velazquez-Ramirez Family. It is gorgeous.

Typically on Thursday afternoon, we stand in a circle in front of the home and pass the key to the family, providing a word of encouragement, a verse, or a blessing upon the family.

And..then…they walk through the front door of their new home. As the door opens, a rush of opens fills your heart as you realize what has happened over the course of the last several days.

You built a house for someone who needed it. The house changes their present and establishes their future.

This year, since we could not go in person, a poster board with all the churches participating in the twelve-week build of the Velazquez-Ramirez Family home was featured.

Under the names of the church was today’s verse,

“The blessing of the Lord makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.”

Proverbs 10:22

In our culture, we look at being rich as a financial endeavor; however, the verse from Proverbs says it is the blessing of the Lord that makes someone rich.

When we stop to ponder what that means, we recognize that all we have – family, friends, provision, work, food, shelter, and so forth are the riches of God’s blessing poured out on us.

Today, spend a few minutes thanking God for His provision and blessing upon your life.

We are already planning our 2021 Mexico Missions Trip and pray COVID will be gone so we can return to see our friends and continue investing in the community of Ensenada.

Thanks for joining and participating in our 2020 Virtual Mexico Missions Experience – I hope you have been blessed by experiencing life across the border.

Prayer: Lord, thanks for your provision, love, guidance, and blessing. Thank you for the amazing work you are doing in Mexico and around the globe. Give us a wonderful day! Amen!


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