LGD 111: Get In The Boat

Boats at the dock on a lake at sunset in the Czech Republic

When was the last time you slowed down long enough to hear your heartbeat or the sounds of your breath?

Boats at the dock on a lake at sunset in the Czech Republic
Photo by Dave Anthold (2011) – Czech Republic

I can’t remember. My life is lived on the go with work, traveling, missions, writing, reading, learning, and the list continues.

But, this isn’t good.

Yesterday, I shared the story of a pastor who took a three-month sabbatical to refresh, renew, and recommit.

It’s inviting to think that we can take a few weeks, a month, or even a summer off from the grind to reset our clocks and allow ourselves to dream.

Michael Hyatt takes a one-month sabbatical each summer to reset, dream, and plan his next year.

In the scriptures, we find Jesus stealing away to places of solitude to dialog with His Father.

In today’s scripture, we see the disciples stealing away to a remote place. Mark says,

“So they went away by themselves in a boat to a solitary place.”

Mark 6:32

What’s interesting is that they had the best of intentions – slip away to a solitary place to rest.

However, we see in the verses afterward that the crowds chased them along the shore, so when they landed, they were met again, and the grind began again.

If we are not careful to refresh and recharge, we can grow weary and tired. Our lives could become one big race on a treadmill, never really going anywhere.

I remember the night I took today’s picture. We were in between dinner and our evening service at the English camp. As you can see, I was roughing it for the Lord.

We were at a hotel that doubles as a ski chalet during the winter. On our way to the hotel, we passed a ski jumping ramp. I did a double-take because I have only seen them on TV for the Olympics.

This evening was magical. The air was peaceful. The water had no ripples, and if you sat long enough, you could hear God whisper in your ear.

These are the moments when God speaks to us, but we have to slow down to hear it. On this lakeshore, I decided that I would not be returning for another term as an Elder at my church due to a tough season.

I could not have made that decision if I did not slow down long enough to hear what God was saying.

Sometimes our trips in the boat take us across the globe to the middle of Europe to hear Him, and other times you can be in your favorite chair in your house.

The place is not as important as making the time to be available.

Take some time to schedule your sabbatical – I already carved out my three weeks next year.

Prayer: Lord, thanks for the reminder to step into the boat and travel to a solitary place. We need rest, but we desperately need to hear your voice. Speak to us today and encourage our hearts. Amen!

I am the host of an ABF Lifegroup - a collection of folks doing community and life together. We are a ministry of Agoura Bible Fellowship. When I am not leading this group, I love to travel, take photographs, share stories, and design workspaces that matter.

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