LGD 120: What Story Are You Writing

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Yesterday we kicked off a series based on Andy Stanley’s new book Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets.

old fashioned typewriter
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Yesterday, we explored the foundational question of whether or not you were honest with yourself.

Today, we look at the story we are writing for our lives. These penetrating questions are fundamental to our future by exploring the past.

Every decision we make determines the story we writing about ourselves. Printed in the pages of your life’s story are the successes and regrets we experience.

We are responsible for the decisions we make, and they create our story.

In Genesis, the story of Joseph forms the backdrop of our understanding of decision-making.

If you are unfamiliar with the story of Joseph, here’s a quick recap.

He was his father’s favorite son, Jacob, who flaunted it in front of his brothers. His siblings had enough of his arrogance and wanted to kill him.

Instead of killing him, they sold him to some traders who took him to Egypt, where he went to work for Potiphar.

Potiphar’s wife thought he was hot and wanted to sleep with him; however, Joseph wasn’t having any of it and ran away.

Good decision.

As a result, he was thrown in jail when Potiphar’s wife accused him of rape. During his tenure in prison, he interpreted a dream for a baker and cupbearer.

The cupbearer ends up returning to service with the Pharaoh, and the baker ended up impaled on a stick.

When Pharaoh had nightmares and dreams he didn’t understand, the cupbearer remembered Joseph, and his wisdom (provided by God) led Joseph to the second-highest position in Egypt.

After seven good years of bumper crops existed, they were followed by seven bad years of famine, which led Joseph’s family to seek food in Egypt or die.

When they arrived in Egypt, Joseph recognized them but not the other way around, and Joseph had a decision to make.

Would he let the past direct his future, or would he write the story of forgiveness and love?

Joseph says to his brothers,

“And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you.”

Genesis 45:5

Just like Joseph and his brothers, we write our story one decision at a time. Every sentence of our lives is written by the good and bad decisions we make.

My guess is there are decisions in your past you wish you could erase, but our future is not written.

We have the opportunity to write a story we desire that is guided by the Lord. When we listen for His still small voice, we can choose to ignore it or embrace it.

In his book, Stanley says,

“I will decide a story I’m proud to tell. I will not decide anything that makes me a liar for life.”

Andy Stanley (p.87)

Andy guides us to ask today’s question – “what story do you want told about you?”

Prayer: Thank you for showing us the power of change and story. Joseph’s example guides us to a story we can repeatedly share of your grace and deliverance. Please help me write my story of good decision-making. Amen!


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