LGD 121: Tension Deserves Attention

kids performing tug of war

We continue in our series inspired by Andy Stanley’s new book Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets.

kids performing tug of war
Photo by Anna Samoylova on Unsplash

The Old Testament is filled with stories that guide and inspire us. Yesterday we saw the Lord’s hand on Joseph as he guided Egypt and the surrounding land through 14 years of ups and downs.

Today, we drop in on the somewhat comical story of King Saul and David as they crisscross through the hilly landscape.

Eventually, they both find themselves in the same location, and a brief moment of pause made all the difference in David’s life.

King Saul was doing well, but then made some poor decisions that led the Lord to remove His hand from Saul and anoint a new king for Israel.

That new king is…David…a shepherd from the house of Jesse.

Samuel did the anointing, but David would not assume his rightful place until King Saul passed away.

Over time, David served the king, made friends with the king’s son, and found himself in the middle of the Hunger Games getting chased by the king.

The king did not want to catch and emprison David, he wanted to kill him.

One day, David and his mighty men were hold up in a cave when King Saul and his 3,000 men stopped for a nature break.

Of all the caves in all the world, the king walked into David’s. And here is where the tension mounts.

David’s men are doing backflips as the king enters the gave. They tell David, God has given the king into your hands today.

However, David pauses for a brief moment to consider the possibility.

In that brief moment, David realized that he could kill the king and assume the throne immediately, but, King Saul was the Lord’s anointed.

Decisions, decisions.

David creeps up to Saul, and cuts off a piece of his robe.

Say what?

David responds to his mighty men,

“He said to his men, “The LORD forbid that I should do such a thing to my master, the LORD’s anointed, or lay my hand on him; for he is the anointed of the LORD.”

1 Samuel 24:6

When King Saul exited the cave, David came out and shouted to him, and then they both went their ways.

When you feel that tension in your soul, you have a decision to make – either embrace the tension or deny it.

Andy Stanley says, “Is there a tension that deserves my attention? Let it bother you until you know why it bothers you.”

Each day we are faced with many decisions, and how we respond matters to the story we are writing.

“Is there a tension that deserves your attention”, today?

Prayer: Lord, guide me to the decisions that must be made today. Please help me see the tension and discover why the tension is present and why it bothers me. Give me wisdom for what lies ahead today. Amen!


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