LifeGroup Devotionals

Man with arms spread out praising God



The crisis of COVID-19 has wrecked me (in a good way). I have felt God’s presence in new ways, and he has prompted me with scripture to inspire and encourage your hearts during this time.

Man with arms spread out praising God

Over the next couple of months, I would like to encourage you with words of hope from a God who loves you. You are my family and my community, and I love you all.

Our lives are His, and we often feel anxious and lost during these tough days, but I pray that your hearts will be full of love and good deeds.

I pray you will have a hedge of protection around you, and you would feel God’s presence in new and exciting ways.

May these words encourage your soul.

I am the host of an ABF Lifegroup - a collection of folks doing community and life together. We are a ministry of Agoura Bible Fellowship. When I am not leading this group, I love to travel, take photographs, share stories, and design workspaces that matter.

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